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Minuteman Marketing Solutions boasts an in house mailing facility to fill all Chantilly printing demands.  Our professional environment is very important to our business because it helps us to understand mail and every detail that goes along with it.  Our company is also dedicated to helping our clients save money by ensuring that their direct mail products qualify for every postage discount possible.  Having projects in the mail 10 to 15 days early can potentially save you up to 40% on postal charges.  Minuteman Marketing Solutions is also able to work as a consultant to our customers providing them with valuable information to be sure their graphic designs fit postal regulations.  This information is very valuable because if your product does not meet postal guidelines, it may need to be reprinted.  Also, poorly designed projects may cause higher postage rates because the product will not be eligible to receive all of the discounts.  Save yourself from the headaches and expenses by working with Minuteman Marketing’s expert staff of direct mailers.

Printing Services In Washington DCGetting started is easy with Minuteman Marketing Solution’s outstanding team of direct mailers who are motivated to help you business succeed.  First, you can contact our direct mailing team or stop by our office today to help us get to know more about your direct mail marketing campaign.  Direct mail has been an effective marketing medium for years now and will continue to be able to successfully reach out to the local market.  Direct mail is able to promote local business by advertising their locations and services.  Companies can also use direct mail to give potential customers a tangible piece of mail with their company’s URL on it.  Direct mail can reach any specifically targeted area and attract their attention.  While potential customers shift through mail, mostly bills, direct mail advertisements have only a few seconds to appeal to their market.  Minuteman Marketing Solutions helps clients take advantage of this brief time period through creating attractive ads that instantly catch the eye.  Our company can supply all of your direct mail and printing in Chantilly, VA.

Minuteman Marketing Solutions is also able to help our clients with direct mailing solutions from step one all the way through delivering the final product.  Customers are in the right place when they come to us with their direct mail and printing challenges.  We are able to provide you with product samples to help you get a better idea of what you want in your design.  After we assess our client’s goals and motives, we then work with them to create an attractive design that also sends out the right message.  This is a very important step because, as earlier mentioned, a bad design can lead to higher postage rates and possible reprints.  Next, we are then able to provide customers with product previews that help reassure customers that these products will work best for their company.  Minuteman Marketing is also able to work with clients to better understand their target market and identify them within their local community using our detailed mailing lists.   Finally, we are able to print the final project and prepare it to be mailed.  Our company is known for its terrific direct mail and Chantilly printing services.

Direct mail is easy with Minuteman Marketing Solutions as we are able to guide you through every step of the direct mailing process.  Our expert staff is also able to help our local community with any printing or mailing problems they may encounter.  Direct mail is a very successful marketing approach that is able to advertise to a specific targeted area quickly and cost efficiently.  Minuteman Marketing Solutions is Northern Virginia’s leading supplier of all direct mail and Chantilly printing needs.

For the best Chantilly printing and direct mail solutions, email Minuteman Marketing at or call today at (703) 378-4772!


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