3D Printing Services and 3D Printer Sales

3D Printing Service and 3D Printer Sales

Do you have parts or a prototype that you would like to see manufactured? 3D Printing is the answer. 3D Printing is a technology that has been around since the 80's in the engineering and scientific world but is now breaking into the mainstream.  It's great for replacing parts around the house, worn out automotive pieces, making toys and promotional items just to name some of the applications.  Contact us a call today at 703-378-4772, email: info@minutemanmarketing.com or use the chat box in the lower right corner to discuss your project.

We offer 3D Printing and Scanning services.  We also sell 3D Printers and provide training on how to run the printers in our office in Chantilly VA.  Whether you want an object printed for you as a service or your want to take the plunge and get into 3D Printing yourself we are here to support you.

What is 3D Printing? Another name for it is additive manufacturing.  Simply put a nozzle lays down material layer upon layer until an object is manufactured.  2D Printing or conventional ink on paper printing consists of an X and Y axis.  Y controls the up and down and the X, side to side always existing on the same plane.  3D Printing adds another axis that runs perpendicular to the X and Y axis known as the Z axis.  The Z axis is what gives dimensionality to 3D, raising off of the plane where the X and Y axis exists.

Did you know we have a charity called 3D Printing in School (501c3)?  Visit our website at 3DPrinting.org.  Our mission is to help place 3D Printers in schools to support STEM and STEAM education.  We were recently were acknowledged at the Loudoun County Public School Business Partner breakfast for our efforts in bringing 3D Printers to county schools.  We also print and distribute 5000 newsletters a month to families called Make Something Awesome to inform them on this exciting new technology and how it's supporting STEM education.  We are a non-profit and donations are welcomed.

To learn more about 3D Printing Services or 3D Printing in general.  Give us a call at 703-378-4772.  As always were here to assist you with your 2D Printing, Design and Marketing.