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Influence buyers with Print and Direct Mail!

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  • "People trust print marketing more.”  Two Side North America partnered with leading marketing research company Toluna and surveyed 2000 participants to see how print and paper is viewed, preferred and trusted by consumers in the digital age.  They found when making a purchasing decision, consumers trust print ads 34% more than search engine ads.


  • “Direct mail’s response is better than emails.”  According to an article on, people spend an average of 30 minutes reading their physical mail.  Compare that to the fleeting 11 seconds on average they spend reading their email and it’s easy to see why direct mail has a much higher response rate. 


  • “Print marketing can be personalized too.”  Contrary to what many folks might think, personalization is not just for digital.  Almost 85% of consumers said they’d be more inclined to open a piece of personalized mail, according to a Forbes article on direct mail  marketing.


  • Print marketing is tactile, which can impact your brand’s impact and appeal.  The fact you can hold a piece of print marketing means it taps into your haptic memory, the sensory memory that’s specific to touch.  This provides an emotional connection for the reader, something that can’t happen with an email message or social media post.


  • Digital tools serve as a force multiplier for print marketing. Chantilly Minuteman Press hosts a variety of effective digital and print marketing tools. Reference our products Vidio Influence and iShare below.



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Vidio Influence

iShare automatically markets agent listings
via socials, web, mobile and postcards in the mailbox!

 Internet videos for
Google made easy!



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While digital marketing is growing print remains King for a couple very important reasons:

Print is portable and low tech thus making it very easy to receive a marketing message. Print has a shelf-life where digital does not. With over 400 million mailable addresses in the U.S. print and direct mail are ubiquitous.  A complete marketing strategy will include, print, direct mail, along side digital marketing.

A properly run direct mail program with a strong call to action is a great way to advertise. has the equipment and experience necessary to help your mailing project succeed. Whether you want to reach a precise group for a specific territory, we have the data resources to handle it. If you have a mailing list, we can incorporate it into a mailing piece for you. We use postal-approved software to cost-effectively mail your materials. And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can customize your direct mail pieces for each individual with variable data printing.

Every Door Direct Mail is also offered.  Each EDDM piece is placed into the mailbox as a stand alone and separate mailpiece for maximum visibility.  Not only is EDDM® easier to use -- it's easier to afford, too. Our all-inclusive pricing is based on total quantity and product size. All production, mail prep, postage, and delivery is included in a flat rate per piece. We also provide (optional) add-on services such as graphic design or digital marketing, for an additional cost, to help you create a successful campaign.

Print & Direct Mail