Welcome Reach Customers

Dear Reach Customers,

As many of you know I recently purchased Reach Marketing from Carey Gooch.  While Carey will be moving on to pursue her real estate career full-time, Shannon and Kevin have joined the MinutemanMarketing.com team.  

All emails and phone numbers will remain the same for the next several months to maintain 100% continuity and the excellent service you have grown to expect.  All customer files and order histories have been transitioned to MinutemanMarketing.com as well.

A little about us: We’ve been in business since 1998.  We are very customer focused.  We use online ordering technology to make placing orders easy and accessible 24 hours a day.  We answer our phones with a real life human being from 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.  Our standard print and delivery turnaround time is 24 hours.  If you place an order by the 2 pm order deadline it will be delivered to your office the next business day by 2 pm. We also offer expedited services as well.  Just ask!

Ultimately we see our customers as business partners and we want to do everything we can do to make you successful.  We are very excited to bring Reach into our family.  We look forward to getting to know each one of our new customers.

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Best Wishes,

Jim Intihar, President