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Get ready for a world class experience.  Minuteman Marketing Solutions provides Printing, Mailing, Wide Format Printing and 3D Printing solutions.  What makes us different? Simply stated, we get your job done when other printers say no.  We are the premier location in Northern Virginia for one of the largest printing organizations in the world, Minuteman Press International (MPI). Winners of multiple awards from MPI, chambers of commerce, professional organizations and US Congressmen - Minuteman Marketing has made the leap from a print only company to an all inclusive marketing provider.  Ready to get started? Contact us today at 703-378-4772, email at info@minutemanmarketing.com or use the chat box in the lower right corner.

Realtors - we print more open house brochures and postcards under one roof than anyone else in Virginia, DC or Maryland.  Perhaps it's our 24 hour standard turn around service, no extra charge.  Stand apart from your competitors with our Lux 6 Page Brochure.  It's 33" long and no one else in the area can print this size.  Ask about our "Mailbox Stuffer" postcard.  It measures 12" X 15" and it's impossible to miss.  Make it easier to get your next listing and sell your next home with these tools in your marketing arsenal.  Visit our Real Estate Marketing page to learn more today.

What makes us different from the rest? We use technology to be incredibly responsive to our customers. This being said our phone is always answered live by a real human being during business hours. Give us a call now at 703-378-4772. Did you know that our location is the largest implementer of online ordering portals in all of Minuteman Press International? Thats right, we build online ordering solutions for our high volume clients free of charge. Our technology makes it fun, easy and stress free to place your printing and marketing orders 24/7.

You will see an online chat option appear on our website. In our pursuit to provide you a world class customer service experience we want to make it as easy possible to ask questions or request a quote. Some customers prefer to pick up the phone, others prefer sending an email, while others really appreciate real time chat to get their questions answered. The way customers want to learn about printing and marketing services has changed. Minuteman Marketing Solutions will continue to evolve, learn and grow to exceed our customers expectations every time.

Did you know Minuteman Marketing Solutions is now offering 3D Printing services? We are now printing parts and prototypes. We believe 3D Printing represents a huge opportunity for jobs, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. Check out our non-profit, 3D Printing in School(501c3) at 3dprinting.org.

As marketers we do not believe in platitudes. Terms like "lowest price" or "highest quality" are lost on the public because everyone is using them in their marketing. Platitudes by definition will keep you from distinguishing your message from your competitors and ultimately will keep you from achieving your goals. When you do business with Minuteman Marketing Solutions we want you left with the feeling that your project is being produced by a trusted friend that has your back and will take care of you. To date I have not seen any of my competitors make that declaration.

Get in touch with us today to quote on a printing project or to discuss your marketing ideas.


Jim Intihar

President, Minuteman Marketing Solutions

Founder, 3D Printing in School (501c3)

P: 703-378-4772 E: jim@minutemanmarketing.com



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