Vidio Influence

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Influence buyers with Print and Digital Storytelling!

  1. Influencing buyers using multiple channels is a must in today’s marketplace. While Print and Direct Mail are bedrock direct marketing strategies, including digital channels improve results. Storybook is an interactive storytelling platform that puts a digital spin on print marketing.
  2. Storybook is optimized for web, mobile and social media. This means it’s very easy to share via all major social media channels and displays beautifully on Ipads, smart devices and mobile phones. Storybook adds another channel to your marketing which will guarantee improved results with your print and direct mail strategies. 
  3. While digital tools are important - Print marketing is tactile, which can impact your brand’s impact and appeal. The fact you can hold a piece of print marketing means it taps into your haptic memory, the sensory memory that’s specific to touch. This provides an emotional connection for the reader, something that can’t happen with an email message or social media post.
  4. Digital tools serve as a force multiplier for print marketing. Chantilly Minuteman Press hosts a variety of effective digital and print marketing tools. Reference our products Vidio Influence and Direct Mail below.